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Dr Upadhyay Homeopathic Skin Care

Dr. Upadhyay Homeopathic Skin Care is a clinic specialising in skin and hair related diseases. The centre is headed by Dr. Upadhyay and is known for its homeopathic treatments. We aid people suffering with several kinds of skin issues including pimples, psoriasis, vitiligo, fungus, hair fall, baldness, etc.

Our Clinic

Dr. R.K. Upadhyay, a Homeopathic Dermatologist, is a master in skin disorders. In his career spanning for over 32 years, he has treated the most complex skin related problems.

We at Dr. Upadhyay Homeopathic Skin Care aim at bringing back smiles on the faces of our patients, by giving them homeopathic cures to problems, for which even allopathic treatment is not available. Our medicines and services are backed by an experienced research team who take utmost care while forming the homeopathic solutions.

Dr. Upadhyay Homeopathic Skin Care is committed towards the cause of helping people get rid of all their skin problems using effective homeopathic medicines. We have experienced successful hair regrowth within a period of 90 days and have eliminated pimples forever, in a span of just 4 months with our homeopathic medicines. Psoriasis, which is a fatal disease, causes several long lasting visible problems that make the life of the patient miserable and unhappy.

We have cured over 1,000 patients suffering from Psoriasis and Dr. R.K. Upadhyay has now brought the Homeopathic Skin Care online, where homeopathic medicines for Psoriasis and several other skin related problems are readily available for purchase, at single a click. We are focusing on serving the maximum number of skin patients, throughout the country, who now don’t have to come to the clinic for purchasing the special homeopathic medicines for a cure. The online platform enables the patients to get the medicines shipped to their door steps.

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